Wednesday, May 5, 2010

25 Weeks...

Hi Stevie,
You turned 25 weeks on Sunday. I've been looking forward to making it to the 25-week mark because 25 weeks marks official "viability", meaning you would have a pretty good shot at making it if you were born today (but don't go getting any ideas still have lots of cooking to do!). How crazy is that? Time is just flying by!

There you are!

25 weeks. My belly button is really trying to pop out!

The girls love hanging out on my tummy these days. I think they know you're in there :)

On Monday I went with your Grandma Cook (Andy's mom) to get your crib and changing table at Target. Grandma and Grandpa wanted to buy them for you, which was so incredibly nice of them! Dad put them both together right away that night and we LOVE them (I think you will too). It was kind of surreal watching your dad put together a crib--it's starting to really sink in that we are having a baby in just a few months! I also went through and unpacked all the things we've accumulated for you during the last 5 months or so. We have more than I realized! I can't wait to get the rest of the nursery set up and start putting all your things away.

Grandma with your crib and changing table (boxed up in the back of the car)

Dad working on putting the changing table together

Your stuff so far :)

Trying out my Moby Wrap with Foxy. Surprisingly, she LOVED it! I hope you will too!

All put together.

We love you so much and can't wait to meet you!



Mommy Gator said...

I am following close behind you and will be 25 weeks Friday! Your belly is so cute! The crib and changing table look great!! Congrats again! Only 15 more weeks! Crazy huh!

Kitty Catie said...

Love the crib and changing table!! We have the same collection and it's awesome!! Delta Eclipse right? I'm really happy with the purchase!! It looks awesome and I can't wait to see how you put together Stevie's room!!

PS - The dresser from that line is AWESOME too! Really solid and sturdy!

Christina said...
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